Deep Cleanse Facials Cheltenham

Our deep cleanse facials can help with acne, pore shrinkage, reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating skin.

The high frequency makes your skin become more receptive to other treatments such as acne creams, lotions and gels. Combining our deep facial with your other treatments would be highly beneficial!

This treatment can make a massive difference to the look of your skin, even after only a few treatments.




1 hour



Our deep cleanse facial is done by using high frequency to prevent, shift and shrink stubborn acne, reduce wrinkles and fade dark eye circles. This treatment rejuvenates your skin and stimulates skin regeneration.

High frequency machines work by producing gentle electrical currents that travel through electrodes that we use to massage your skin with. When the electrical current comes in to contact with oxygen, it infuses the skin with rejuvenating molecules. This promotes deep, antibacterial action that helps to get rid of acne.

Our deep cleanse facials offer a safer and risk-free alternative to plastic surgery, chemical peels and injections. High frequency can firm, tighten and rejuvenate your skin, cleanse your skin of any bad bacteria and also shrink pores and clear acne.

High frequency currents can firm and tone the skin by causing an instant circulation rush. This makes the blood vessels under your skin dilate, which then clears away toxins and the cells can regenerate and increase collagen production.